Sellers! Beware of using Paypal!

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I am writing this guide to just try and make more sellers aware of just how dodgy Paypal is from my own personal experiences.

First of all let me say, like most sellers, i thought paypal was great, its a quick way of getting paid, you can send items quicker and easy to use, but after the amount of trouble i have had with paypal i am now getting ready to give up ebay and paypal altogether.

You see it all the time, "Paypal, great to use, secure be paid quick etc." - Now this is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever heard and i will tell you for why, 1 week ago (and not for the first time i may add) i sold some items on ebay, they totalled to around £400 in total, the person brought the items, paid for them with paypal, so i sent the items off to him, then i get positive feedback and he leaves me the same, however the very next day i get an email from paypal telling me that my funds have been put on hold and that the person who brought my items used a stolen account, so i go through the motions, telling them that the items were sent and that he left feedback and that i wouldnt be able to get them back, but did they care?!? did they hell! they couldnt seem to care less about my problems and just tell me that the money has been refunded to its rightful owner.

By now i was exceptionally angry, so i write paypal a email explaining my anger and frustration and asking if i could get my money back, now today i have recieve the email back from them basicly saying they are not to blame and that i am not covered and that basicly there is nothing i can do and they wont do anything to try to fix it.

And how do they end the email? by saying:

"I understand your frustration regarding this matter, and regret any inconvenience it might have caused you."

Quite frankly that was the biggest insult of them all! -INCONVIENCE!??!? i have just lost nearly £400! slightly more than an inconvience!!

They also go on to say that:

"Unfortunately I can see that the transaction was not eligible for Seller
Protection Policy.

To be eligible for the Seller Protection Policy, the following policy
guidelines must be followed:

   •   Have a Verified Premier or Business account

   •   Post to the confirmed address on the Transaction Details page
      •   This confirmed address is displayed on the Transaction Details
page and the payment is marked as eligible for the Seller Protection

   •   Timely postage

   •   Retain reasonable proof-of postage that can be tracked online

   •   Send tangible goods

   •   Only accept payments in full from single PayPal accounts

   •   Do not impose an additional charge on the buyer

   •   Timely response to all PayPal inquiries"

Now this is also a load of rubbish, because last year i sold a graphics card for £100, sent it abroad via royal mail airsure signed for service that required a signiture and had a tracking number AND STILL THEY DID NOT CARE EVEN WHEN I TOLD THEM THIS!!! Even THOUGH i done every single thing that it says above to be covered and still they told me that i couldnt get my money back.

So i ask you? is Paypal worth the risk? quite frankly i think that the answer is no, it may be ok if you are selling lower price items because the fraudsters wont care about it, but when it comes to higher priced items Paypal is the biggest risk in the world, and it certainly isnt the most secure.

...So shall i be using Paypal again? No i shall not!
Will i recommend it to my friends and family? Certainly not! i will tell them to stay well away!
Do i think that it is the securest method of payment? Prehaps for buyers but cetainly not for sellers! i mean whats to stop me from buying an expensive item off ebay using a different ebay account, buy the item with my paypal and have it sent to a different address then claim the money back from paypal saying my account was hacked?!!?
Am i going to let this stand? No i am not quite frankly, i am considering opening a website telling people exactly what the problem is with paypal and put on a pertition that people can sign and try to actually change the way paypal thinks and treats its customers!

If you could say this guide is helpful, that would be great because it will then make it more visable to more people and they can also find out how bad it is, i would also appreciate any thoughts that you may have towards a almost anti-paypal website and if you think it would be a good idea.
Also if you would like to email me with any of your experiences, they could also be put on the site.

Thank you for your time and reading my guide.


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