Sellers - How to Achieve and Keep 100% Ebay Feedback

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Sellers - How to Achieve and Keep 100% Ebay Feedback


If you want to maximise your sales on Ebay, you need to maintain a good feedback score.

It gives buyers extra confidence in you, so you are more likely to sell, and at a higher price, than other sellers offering similar items, but with a lower feedback score.

This first thing to understand about the Ebay feedback system is that it DOES NOT provide a reflection of the quality of the goods and services on offer.
Rather, it gives an indication of how reliably the seller provides them.
This is because Ebay rules state that Neutral and Negative Feedback should only be left as a last resort if satisfaction cannot be achieved with the seller.

Ground Rules

Make sure your item titles and descriptions are fair and accurate.

Offer a 100% no-quibble refund on returns.

Edit your end-of -auction email to state that buyers should contact you if they have any concerns, and otherwise to leave you positive feedback, and that you will do the same for them.

If a buyer has a complaint, try to address their concerns rather than defending your position.

Learn From Your Mistakes

After you've dealt with a complaint, examine what you could have done better to have avoided the problem in the first place.

Even if its the customer that is wrong, think about how the situation could have been avoided.

Perhaps by sending product information or instructions, or by wording your Ebay description differently.


It's now not possible for sellers to leave Negative Feedback, so you might just as well leave positive feedback as soon as you get your payment, and hope that your buyer follows suit.

Use Ebay's My Messages to respond to complaints - it's more likely to reach them.
Also check your own Spam Folder regularly or you may miss complaints.

And Finally

I hope you found this guide useful.
I can't promise you'll never get a negative, but follow the above and you'll keep your record near perfect.

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