Sellers - Increase in non-paying bidders

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I'm sure it isn't coincidental, but now ebay has restricted seller feedback there is now a rash on non-paying bidders. I have had 4 in a fortnight - more than I had in the entire preceeding 12 months. I think that sellers have a duty to other vendors to ensure that any non-paying bidder gets a strike. Yesterday I changed my selling preferences to block any buyer who has 2 or more strikes in the last year. I note today that this option has been removed and reverted back to 2 or more non paying strikes in the last month - hardly a great  buyer if this is the case. I used to be quite gentle with customers - the great majority of whom are a pleasure to deal with. However, I'm now toughening up my act. Other sellers should do the same if ebay is to retain any of its integrity.

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