Sellers Return Address on Items:

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I have always put my return Postcode or my address on all EBAY Items I have ever Mailed off to anywhere in the world,quite literally THOUSANDS.I have done this for slightly under 8 years as the time I have been using EBAY,and it does work,as I have had TWO of my Items Mailed off returned to me within the last week alone where buyers have not called for it,or for whatever reason the Postman has been unable to deliver it,as I use my Postcode at the very least.If a Seller on EBAY Mails an Item without the return address or Postcode,then the Royal Mail cannot return it to the seller to contact the buyer to arrange a 'new' delivery date.It makes a lot of sense in that I received a CD from a seller on EBAY-I don't buy CD's from anywhere else-so-with no return address and the Postcode Stamp on the Packet is only partial.After a long search thru' CD's I have bought in the last few weeks,I cannot find any from sellers in that Poscode area.So I emailed ALL of the sellers I bought from to ask for their Postcodes,and....Nothing.It would be so simple to have the CD returned to the seller,as the correct buyer will NOT now receive the CD,so a refund or a Negative will ensue all because of a wee simple thing that is easy to do.My Postcode doesn't give my address to any other except the Royal Mail if the House number isn't on it,as only the Street from where it was Mailed can be found.Please Sellers~PUT YOUR RETURN ADDRESS OR POSTCODE ON YOUR MAILING ITEMS.Murray,Haggis-n-neeps in the UK.
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