Sellers beware using Paypal - not as safe as they say !

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Hi ,

I am an experienced  Ebayer ( check me out )

One thing I want to make crystal clear  for any sale on ebay

you are pressured into accepting paypal  for payment -

however if you don't insist on sending your item by

recorded delivery , paypal can take All

your money if the buyer says the item is lost , or it is

actually stolen or lost, through no fault of your own -

even if you keep your postal receipts , they won't listen


see ( add w w w to front )

for real horror  stories


remember it could happen to you


Beware paypal - you could be seriously ripped off

forget their ' customer service  ' , a misnomer

main thing to remember is that with a bank transfer or payment by recorded delivery of a money order , you can't be scammed and above all , you have a proper record how and where you were paid -

I nearly lost a lot of money when a buyer had 2 different addresses on Ebay and Paypal , asked him which address to send Postcard , discovered when i decided ( had bad feeling ) to phone international telephone number provided , it was NOT a private address , but a company address !

So I waited before posting Postcard , for funds to clear from paypal - lo and behold , the funds are refunded ' for fraudulent reasons ' , luckily I was not out of pocket , and reported ebay member , who was barred

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