Sellers beware using paypal

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PayPal claims it is safe and secure...

I am writing this article for new sellers who will accept paypal and those already using it!!

Firstly I must say in no uncertain terms that even though PayPal is an ebay company, I do not hold ebay in any way responsible for Paypals policies and paypals policies should not be considered as ebays policies.

The reason paypal is not safe for sellers in my view.

PayPal offer a claim service meaning that if you do not receive an item, you can simply make a claim to paypal that you have not received an item and if the seller cannot provide proof of delivery, they automatically refund you.

This is great if you have genuinely been ripped off, that person who ripped you off don't get to keep your money! SIMPLE...

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I personally know someone who takes great delight when he buys something from ebay and the seller sends it normal post without sending recorded or special delivery.. HE knows that if he tells paypal he did not get the item, the seller sent it standard post and cannot provide proof of tracking, he will be refunded by paypal..
OK, this is dishonest of him but all he is doing is using paypals so called great security and buyers protection to rip off the sellers..

This in mind, are we to take it that PayPal protects the buyer and not the seller with their security service??

I personally have been using my own card processing service.

This is certainly proof to me that people are abusing PayPals security centre without any regard for sellers at all. I have been accepting cards using my own merchant account for quite a few months now, for items with less than £20 value, I send NORMAL Post and do you know that hardly anyone complains of non receipt!!

When I was using PayPal, if I sent without being recorded, I could guarantee that 6 out of 10 people would claim non receipt!!

Now I accept cards directly and there is no way a person can say they have not received an item other than by contacting me directly, I would say this number has dropped dramatically to probably 1 in 20 people and even then it is usually because the package has been delayed etc..

I am not saying stop using PayPal

What I am trying to point out is that PayPals security centre is doing nothing to protect it's customers, The people who buy stuff are not those who make money for paypal, it is the sellers who pay fees to paypal.. The same sellers who are losing out because they are being screwed out of money by dishonest buyers!

Paypal would say "So send with a tracking number, either special or recorder" but this costs extra money and with ebay selling becoming more of a competitors market, sellers need to keep postage costs down!!


I am not telling people reading this to stop accepting paypal as I said before, what I am saying is if you have accepted paypal as a payment option and the buyer paid using paypal, MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS SEND ITEMS WITH RECORDED OR SPECIAL DELIVERY TRACKING NUMBERS.

Or you might just get scammed by a dishonest buyer who knows how to manipulate paypal and get a refund and keep the item they really did receive!


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