Seller's email confirmation of receipt? Hah! Bin it!

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Let me tell you a story.
I purchased an item on "Buy it now" from a HingKong based company trading on Ebay as KaLingshop and with the traders using the name of Jason Tong.
It was a UHF transciever; a Jingtong JT308. It arrived and it was faulty so I returned it. Now the cost of returning it to HongKong was almost as much as the entire original cost of purchase and postage so I didn't send it recorded delivery (Make a note of that)
However I received an email from KaLingshop confirming that they had received the item and they would be sending me a new one.

I suspect you can see what's going to happen - yep, nothing ever arrived.

So after protracted back-and-forth emails with Mr Jason Tong pleading piteously and continuously for 2 months for more time, I put the whole thing in the hands of Ebay and approached PayPal for a refund.
I have to say that I got the impression that most of the paypal operatives involved in my case only spoke English as a 4th or 5th language, certainly not as a first however......
Mr Scamming Tong did, I understand reply to paypal once to say that he was sending me a replacement which of course never arrived.
Further emails went back and forth again between myself and Paypal and between paypal and Kalingshop/Mr Jason Tong. when surprise surprise he stopped replying to paypal or ebay and, during this time his PayPal business suddenly vanished.
But despite my forwarding of the emails (and headers) sent to me directly by Mr Scamming Tong, his original reply to paypal and the mails sent via Ebay, Paypal decided that somehow it was my fault and I was due no compensation.
It seems that despite scammer Tong-wallah admitting to paypal that he'd received my item back and despite all the emails confirming this, because I'd not sent the item recorded delivery I was basically told to go chuff myself.
So be warned  buying from HongKong, China et all is very likely to have nasty little glitches should you item be faulty and need to be returned.

As a brief rider to this, not all HK and chinese companies are like this. One in particular, Virtual Village has been excellent on my receipt of a faulty item. They just sent me a complete new set with no need for me to return the faulty goods. Now that's what I call service.

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