Sellers guide to avoid being scammed!!!!

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I know that i haven't been on ebay very long,and i wud love to be able to say that it has alway's been a good experiance.Unfortunatley not.I have seen it from both sides as i am a buyer and a seller,just like the majority of ebayers.I have been on the receiving end of retaliating feedback as a buyer,so i was quite pleased when ebay brought in the new feedback rules.That was until i realised just how unfair sellers are treated on ebay.when a buyer doesn't pay they apparantly get a non paying strike!!Not that the seller wud ever know coz i wud love to know where it is displayed on their feedback,and that is because it isn't!!! so what on earth is the point in that rule ebay?(round 1 to the buyer!).Then there is the rule that the buyer can set their feedback to private(only if they are buyer's though).Well how on earth is the seller supposed to see if they make a habit of claiming that they haven't reveived their item.. etc...You have to leave positive even if what you want to say isn't positive. so if you want to warn other sellers about anything(coz that is what feedback is all about),then  it,s pointless because nobody can see it!!!and the buyer still has 100% feedback.(round 2 to the buyer).Then when an item is not received(and i know that sometimes this does happen),and you completely abide by the rules,and you just get the worst buyer EVER!!! who is completely unreasonable, And you have all of the emails to prove that they are unreasonable and their negative feedback is completely unfair,what does paypal do about it ,even though they have the evidence!! yes you've guessed it NOTHING!!(round 3 to the buyer).It is completely unfair.So my tips to safe selling are these:


ALWAY'S !! post recorded.It costs 72p more.It's worth every penny.just imagine if you sold a pair of shoes for £30.The scammers get the shoes and the money(not bad ehh).I am not by any means implying that all buyers are scammers,coz i myself am a buyer,but it does happen and paypal do nothing!!

Don't ever sell to a country where you can't get postal insurance.Some countries like Gambia,Royal Mail won't insure your item as they are scammers over there.Even if the buyer tells you to remove the money out of your paypal account before you post them the item,"DON'T DO IT".Paypal will temporarily suspend your account,and in some cases they will remove the money from your bank accout that is normally verified with yor account.But don't EVER think that the scammers are abroad,coz they are here in the uk too. BE VERY AWARE !



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