Sellers not sending items because end price was low.

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Recently I won an item and paid instantly via PayPal and was pleased to have bought what I thought was a real bargin. After nearly a week, I got a message from the seller stating that her 'partner' had sold the item AFTER I had WON and PAID for it and I received a full refund.

Naturally I was annoyed and could see right through the seller's excuse for not sending the item to me as it was worth more than the End-of-Auction-Price I had paid.  I wrote back asking why she had replied to my questions about details of the item during the auction and why the item had not been withdrawn before the auction ended, also, why did it take almost a week to get back to me.  I told the seller there was no need for the Bullshit excuse and to just tell the truth. I left negative feed-back, which I believe I was right in doing so.

It appeared to me that the seller was VERY experienced, yet only had a feedback score of 18 (at time of transaction) and IF the seller was a new Ebayer, would have followed Ebay rules and sent the item, also, the seller would not have known how to use the Ebay system so diligently and with such expertise which takes time to learn and do.

The seller replied back and called me abusive and rude in her feed-back to me. All I have to say is, I know Bullshit when I hear it, or in this case read it.

All BAD and PHONEY sellers earn the RIGHT themselves to receive NEGATIVE feedback  from buyers just because the end price was not what they [sellers] were expecting and so make up excuses not to send items that have been won fairly and duly paid for.

WIN SOME, LOSE SOME. That's Ebay life!

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