Sellers using their positive feed back to sell 4 others

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I bought a car jump/charger off a seller who had good feedback so I purchased his item. The item knackered after six times used over a 9 month period , and it came to light it had been recalled in August 2009 , it also turned out he was selling this item for someone else and used his positive feed back to do so. I contacted Ebay but this seller was protected by the 45 day rule , I as a buyer was not protected from his admition that he mislead me 9 months ago to believe the item he was selling was his , nor was I protected from the fact this item had been recalled and I was basically stuffed as the real seller was abroad. So if you are thinking of buying a a car/jump starter , feel free to contact me and I will be happy to give you this scoundrels username. As once hooked by this clown you will be on your own , as ebay/paypal are no use what so ever.


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