Sellers who accept Postal orders and personal Cheques

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Although I pay generally with Paypal there is plenty of situations when a Seller will,for whatever reason, only accept postal orders,or cheques.

This is fine,but it is now getting frustrating to find that once I have won an item that when I try to access a Sellers name and Address their Ebay page states "Name and Address not on file with Ebay Plse contact seller".


Again, this is OK, and I always email the Seller requesting their details immediately after winning an item.Now the problem: In many cases I have to email the Seller 2/3/4 even 5 times before I receive this info,and quite often the Name given is different to the name on their ebay page.

So I have to go back again to clarify this.This can also mean several emails before a response is received.

My Solution:Any Seller who accepts Postal Orders,cheques ,or even cash "must" ensure their contact details are on their ebay page,which will negate buyers wasting time trying to get this info via emails.

Ebay should consider enforcing this as recently i am spending more time chasing sellers for contact details than actually buying, or selling items.Only when I threaten to open a dispute do sellers, in many cases, come back full of apologies and provide the details required.   

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