Sellers with No motivation.

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These are some tips when buying on ebay as follows.

We on ebay are all entitled to be able to communicate with the seller who is selling the item we wish to purchase.
But i found alot of sellers on ebay are either.

1.slow at responding
2.Respond to late after the auction ended.
3.Or dont respond at all
4.Or if they do are not so detailed in there response.(This does not apply to all sellers..)

Where is the quality of ebay standards going when a seller is so casual im more than surprised they even sell items at all its very frustrating when you need simple question answered.

My advice if the seller is non the helpful DO NOT BUY...VOID AT ALL COSTS these sellers need to improve there selling skills. question yourself on the wonders on how if you did purchase from the seller will it be packages safe or if you need to contact then will they be responsive .. in consideration of there wonderful poor services prior to auction sale..

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