Sellers with high feedback but lots of negatives.

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I thought i would write a guide to do with sellers this time.
Some sellers have extremely high feedback 99.9%, 99.8% or 99.4% (you can see it on the auction page) but a lot of buyers think because this is high then they cant have many negatives & it is safe to buy off them, this is often the first mistake to make because they have high feedback the negatives are not as apparent as they would be say for example you had received 100 feedback three of the being negative your score would be 97%, so obviously you probably wouldnt even bid.

I would advise whatever their feedback score is that you click on the number before the star to see how many negatives they have before placing a bid, with that in mind neutrals do not effect the feedback score neither does if the buyer & seller mutually agree to remove the feedback - so it is worth a check before you place a bid - then you cant be ripped off.
You would be surprised how many sellers actually get away with this!
I hope this guide has been of some help to new Ebayers if it has click yes at the bottom of the page.
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