Selling Avon products on eBay

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I have decided to write this guide for those of you that are quite new to selling on eBay and wish to expand their avon business via selling on eBay.  I had my eBay account for many years before I started my avon business and never gave it much thought to sell things as I was a bit skeptical, however after buying many things successfully and having surplus stock of avon products lying around I thought, why not? 

Well I could give you many reasons why I shouldn't have and I wish I had a guide like this to give me tips as I was a first time seller trying to sell my products so below are some beginners tips on how to earn money from your surplus stock
  • Practice setting up an item laying around in your house first that you were thinking of selling but not too bothered about - this is so important 
  • Know your postage prices - there is no point selling a mascara for £2 and offering free postage if the postage is actually £3 when you get to the post office to send it off
  • remember that Royal Mail have prohibited things that you can't send
  • NEVER just put the package into a post box you could of used the wrong stamps! (Like I did)  - put return address on the back just incase 
  • Know your market - have a look around on eBay for avon products and the sort of prices they are going for there is a lot of competition out there
  • keep eBay selling fees in mind too when you are looking at your profits 
  • Count any money made after 0 a profit - eBay is a tight market and near enough impossible to make a profit if you try and sell for brochure price as more than likely there will be a cheaper one out there!

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