Selling Electrical items, don’t get scammed

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Selling Electrical items, don’t get scammed

You sell an item that you know is in good working order, but receive an email from the buyer saying it is not working, So you end up refunding the item, and paying return postage costs.

If this has happened to you ask yourself this question,

How do you know it is your item back? What if the winning buyer had the same model at home and swapped it for your good working order model. It happens.

Maybe it is your item back, but now it is missing a few internal parts, such as a tuner or power supply.

Our main business is selling electrical items and have come across this scam on numerous occasions, I am sure we have been scammed a few times in the early days.

To prevent this happening here is what we do, and I would recommend you do the same.

First make a record of the serial number, we issue a receipt with it on, and keep a record of it.

This in it self is probably not enough, you can soon dismantle an item and swap the part with the serial number on, or remove an expensive internal part .

Second buy some Tamper Evident stickers, they are the type that if you remove them they leave an image on the item such as Void, they are available on ebay.

Stick one of these over the part where someone would need to remove it to take the item apart.

If you can not get a sticker to stick over a seal, mark the item in some way, or better still take the top off and pop a few stickers inside the item, away from any circuit boards.

I know this all sound drastic, but If your selling an item that sells for a couple of hundred pounds, it worth spending that extra time.

Don’t get scammed.

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