Selling Film

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Here are just a few points to remember when selling film.

1.    Always include the expiry date of the film in the auction description, if this is not possible give a rough age of the film

2.    Always Say how the film has been stored.
Note - Film is always best stored in a cool dry place, away from heaters and sunlight. The best place to keep film is in the fridge, or even better the freezer, but the freezer is only necessary if you want to store it for many, many years.
If the film has been stored in the fridge or freezer then this is a big plus especially if the film is past is expiry date. Don’t lie about how it was stored, because if you do you will probably not hear the last of it when the buyer sees the results. Instant film should be kept in the fridge, but never the freezer.

3.    Get the right size in the right category. Far too much film ends up in the ‘Other Film’ category, other film means that it is not a regular size, doesn’t matter what else is special about it even if its infrared or ultra high speed, 120, 220 and Sheet Film belong in ‘Medium/ Large Format Film’.

4.    If all you have is a single roll of really cheap print film, its not really woth putting up on eBay if you really don’t need give it to a charity shop or somebody who does want it.

5. If your film is seriously out of date and has not been stored in the fridge/freezer it might still be worth selling as there are people out there who want that sort of thing and like to experiment with it.
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