Selling Hard Drives (Some guidelines)

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Suggestions for selling Maxtor Hard drives successfully

These are popular and plentyful items, so selling is easy.. IF

1. You don't make the starting price TOO HIGH (remember the major web-sellers NEW prices)
2. You don't expect to make a profit on the postage (eBay has rules here)
3. You don't expect to make a "Fast buck" (1 & 3 day listings)
4. You are HONEST in your auction description, no bad sectors, tested 100% etc
5. You provide accurate item details, model no, interface type, capacity.
6. You declare previous usage and any operating system installed if not re-formatted
7. You always remove any personal details stored (Identity theft is easy)
8. You provide good clear pictures to aid buyer recognition, try to show detail.
   (No Stock pictures)

Optimising selling regimes

1. Let the buyer decide the price. (0.99p starts attract lower listing costs)
2. Pick your auction start time carefully (eBay has removed the delayed start option)
3. Give your auction maximum exposure, start Thursday Evenings (3 or 10 day listings)
4. Start Sunday evenings (7 day listings) or Tuesday evenings (5 day listings)
5. Weekends usually find more users logged on, so a 10 day listing will catch 2 weekends.
6. WARNING!! Avoid end times that coincide with major sporting events Cup final, F1 etc

The Race is ON

1. Lower start price auctions pick up bids quicker
2. Buyers will treat bidding as a challenge to be top dog, prices will often rise higher.
3. Offering FREE postage is good bait, you will most likely pick up the cost in higher bids.

The Race is WON

1. Email your buyer, thank them for the purchase, tell them when you will post their purchase
2. Confirm actual posting, pass on tracking number if posting is recorded.
3. Pack hard drives well. New drives come in nice boxes, save these for re-use
4. NOTES! a single hard drive in the correct packing box will post 1st class £3.50
   So £4.50 is a reasonable charge, £7.00 is excessive

Expectations  (What you might expect bid value)

40gig £8-10, 80gig £12-15, 120gig £15-18, 160gig £15-20, 250gig £18->>

To get examples of recent realisations, set up a search using advanced options and tick
"Completed listings", this will show past auction results

New prices seem to have settled now, even the larger 500-1000gig are at the £50-£60 level


There are large quantities of Ex-TV HD recorder drives being disposed of, in particular
the 250 gig, and the QuickVIEW models, some of these may have been badly treated
and may be a risky purchase,  many are standard 5400RPM drives,  not the accepted
desk top computer standard of 7200RPM.
Any seller with more than TWO similar drives is likely to be a dealer or a service department
clearing out returns, ask the seller the source before bidding.

Some MORE thoughts on hard drive selling from Labourinvein (Aug 2010)

Warning to Hard drive sellers:

eBay advise you to securely remove any data on the drive BEFORE disposing of it,
this is specially important if the data might be bank or other login details.

Formatting is not good enough. BE WARNED it is trivial to recover data from a formatted drive, you need to securely delete all tracks on your drive, then re-format.

One good and FREE utility to do this is SDelete, you can find this information via GOOGLE which is at a "" web site. SDelete is a tiny (47kB) program that works in s DOS (command) box, you need to be VERY careful when you use it, always best to make absolutely sure you are wiping the RIGHT drive by using Windows computer management/ Disk management once you have added the drive to your system then giving it a drive letter that would not normally appear like X or Z, this ensures you are picking the newly added drive and not some other system or data drive already on the PC.

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