Selling Mobile Phones to Nigerian Scammers

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Whilst trying to sell a Sony Ericsson mobile phone I experienced severe difficulties with Nigerian scammers. In total the phone was "bought" four times, using the 'Buy It Now',  by bogus buyers. On receiving the invoice, the buyer sent me a message asking me to send the phone to a Nigerian address, whereupon, they said, funds would be released to my Paypal account from X holding company. The buyers were uniformly 0 feedback rating and always became deregistered with ebay soon after.

I got around the problem by using two functions in the listing set up:
  1. Set the 'only allow bids' section to 'those with paypal accounts' - most genuine ebayers will have one (not to say those that don't are all scammers!)
  2. Set the 'Buy it Now' settings to 'require payment immediately' - if someone hits the 'Buy It Now' the listing won't actually end until the funds hit your account.
Thought I'd note this little moral victory here as my little contribution to ending the 419ers rain of terror!

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