Selling To Italy

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Is anyone else having problems with Italy? Or is it just me?

It's a shame there isn't an easy way for this to be monitored on ebay, as apart from dodgy sellers there are also some very dodgy customers, who buy and then claim items are not received. I have now had several problems with Italy and I am now refusing to sell there. Even one of the customers said there was a problem with the Italian postal service.

I used to have more problems with the UK than anywere else, but at least its easy to make a claim. You stand little or no chance of getting your money back and Paypal just sides with the "Claimant"

If you are going to sell there I suggest you sell small quantities and see how things go, don't post any feedback before they do and ultimately just make it clear on your items that you DO NOT SELL TO ITALY.

That's my rant over. With apologies to all honest Italians.


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