Selling a Bible? - 7 hints

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Just a few thoughts to help you get a few bob more and help save buyers a few emails.

1. Your Bible is probably not rare, there are a few around you know (!) and unless you can substantiate it I would not describe it so - it just irritates buyers and loses you credibility. A rare Bible would be a 17th century one or earlier for example.

2. What version is it? - it is a question a potential buyer is very keen to know. Is it a King James version, New International Version (NIV), Good News Bible etc - it tells you at the front. Mostly it will be the authorised King James version (KJV). Don't just describe it as "Holy Bible" use all the letters and pack the title with description. "Moroco Leather Oxford KJV Bible 1952 Boxed VGC"

3. Have a good flick through prior to listing. Old Bibles often have a lot of annotation, dried plants, bits chopped out etc within. The paper is thin too so if there are a lot of folded ends then unfold them. Be truthful about condition, they tend to be in very good order as it has sat in a drawer for 40 years or very well thumbed - bindings can take a beating.

4. State what the Bible contains: Old and New Testament, Psalms at the back, illustrations, concordance, plants of the Bible, maps of the Holy land, where to find guide, word list, miracles/parables of Jesus, Jesus words in Red type...there are often lots more within the pages than the OT and NT.

5. Don't just take one pic of the outside, take a picture of the first page of Genesis, close enough to show type and margins and if you can make sure that you include postage to USA as often UK Bibles end up there (quote surface mail too if you can).

6. A very old Bible is one from the 16th Century, not one from the 18th or 19th century. It may be an old book to you but that is irrelevant. Dont waste letters in the title by saying very old.

7. DO NOT start the auction at £150 etc, it wont sell and all you are doing is giving money to ebay. If you have no idea of its value (and few folks have) set it off at 99p and let the market decide. So many seller think "oh I will start it at £150 and then i may get £200.. wrong, it wont sell. Do a completed search on HOLY BIBLE to see proof. You just look like a money grabbing idiot.

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