Selling a Mobile. Watch Out!

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I rescently desidied to sell a couple of mobiles, and boy didnt i get alot of trouble.

I started by putting it on Amazon. To my amazment, within 12hours had an email from amazon telling me to dispatch, to nigeria, i had been credited an extra £50 for postage. Apparently. I checked my amazon account and my item was still listed. I emailed the buyer explianign that i wouldnt send it until i recived payment.

Around 10minutes later i recieve another email from "amazon" telling me the buyer was genuine and that as soon as i had posted the item i needed to email amazon customer services with the shipping code! I had never heard of this before so checked all my other emails from Amazon, to which i found they all came from and no I never sent the phone.

I did however recieve around 4-5 customer inquire emails from amazon buyers asking about the phone and if i would be willing to post to nigeria.

So i popped it on here instead. Buy It Now, within 3hours the item had sold and i received an email from paypal telling me they will credit my account as soon as i send them the tracking code. Once again the shipping address was in nigeria. I didnt even reply to the buyers email. I just relisted the item added to the description, will not post outside the uk.

Once again i checked the email address of paypal and all previous emails came from and the new email was

If you are ever suspicious of a buyer, just refuse to send the item, Always check your amazon or paypal account has been creditted, never just rely on your emails. they are easily faked.



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