Selling a car, a grammatical guide!

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Over the last six weeks I have been searching for a car to buy on E Bay.

What has amazed me is the quality (or lacke thereof) of the written statements. I think many sellers would be amazed at how many cars there are that haven't received a bid from me simply because their written descriptions appear to show how ill-educated they are. In my opinion, if someone can't be bothered to press the 'shift' key before pressing 'I' how careful would they be about the description? In a recent advert someone had spelled 'chassis' as chasy - come on, use spellcheck. Don't decide to sell your car and dash off a quick advert in a few minutes, take your time and maybe you'll reap the benefits!

So, my advice, check your spelling, capitalise the 'I's (as in I am selling etc) find a use for the comma and full stop keys.

If your layout of the ad looks good and the spelling is correct then potential buyers will be more likely to see you as a trustworthy person and, thus, be more likely to bid.

As an indication, I am selling my own car shortly, it has taken me three days to get the advert right, check the spelling and punctuation so the advert looks good.

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