Selling computer memory modules

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Like if this guide is helpful

Having searched for computer memory upgrades i have noticed that many sellers do not put enough info in their descriptions,thus leading to buyers having to ask questions unneccessarily.

This guide will give an idea of the minimum amount of info required by prospective buyers to help quicken the process.

1. Make of memory

2.To fit. i.e desktop,laptop etc.

3.Type of Memory. ddr,ddr2,pc2,dimm sdram etc.

4. Capacity.256mb,512mb 1gb etc.

5. Standard.pc 2100,2300,4200 etc

6.Whether registered or not and ecc or non-ecc

7.How many pins.168pin,240 etc

8.CL  if known,this may 2,3 4 or possibly 5.

These are the most required items of info needed to sell and buy memory.Basically as much info AS POSSIBLE INFO IS BEST

Hope this is useful to anyone selling these item.

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