Selling eBooks on eBay: Two Markets To Profit From.

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Even if your investigation of eBook selling has just started, you are probably already knowledgeable about some of the basics.  You have learned that there is a growing demand for information on a variety of topics and that eBooks are a great way to provide that information.  There is, you have been told, a demand for eBooks.

What you might not yet know is that there are basically two groups of consumers who have an interest in eBooks.  Deciding on the group you want to market will have a profound effect on your eBook business.

The first group is the one most of us initially thought of when the idea of eBook sales was first introduced to us.  These are the people who have an interest in specific information, products, hobbies or other matters.  Dog fans, for instance, may have an interest in an eBook on dog training.  Fans of a best-selling author will have an interest in purchasing that writer’s eBooks.  We can refer to this as the consumer market.

The consumer market is a rapidly growing segment for eBook sales.  As people become more and more acquainted with nontraditional methods of information delivery and grow increasingly comfortable with technology, the eBook will continue to grow in popularity.  If you have the right titles, put them in front of the right consumers, and offer the right prices you can generate impressive sales numbers with eBooks.

There is, however, a second market.  That market is composed of people just like you--those who are interested in pursuing eBook sales as a means of generating income.  You probably have less of an interest in what an eBook is about.  Your concern, instead, is wisely placed on your ability to obtain resell rights and then to sell the book profitably.  

As a member of this market, you are probably keenly aware of what is being pitched to it!  People are offering you the rights to large bundles of eBooks inexpensively, maintaining that you can sell them separately again and again to generate huge profits.  Others are offering you a single eBook at a very high price, arguing that it is a quality product with a huge potential readership that warrants your attention.  

These two market segments, in essence, point someone who is considering eBook sales in one of two directions.  Either they can focus attentions on finding books for end-users or they can concentrate on making sales to those who will eventually move the books on to end-users.  For all of the technological and strategic advances of online enterprise, it seems the online eBook world mimics the traditional brick and mortar world in that one is usually either a retailer or a wholesaler.  Of course, it is possible to perform both functions, but one will naturally tend to gravitate toward one option as a byproduct of the inevitable efficiency of specialization.

The approach one chooses toward the eBook marketplace will dictate which direction suits them best.  Whether as a retailer or a wholesaler, there is great potential in selling eBooks online (particularly via eBay).

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