Selling for friends and relatives - VERIFY descriptions

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Don't take their word for it.

Hello fellow eBayers,

I just wanted to share my view on the not uncommon practice of eBayers selling items on behalf of friends and relatives.

Please remember that, as the eBay account holder, YOU as the seller are responsible for the description of the item being sold.  Please do not, therefore, simply take the word of the item's owner as to its authenticity.  It is worth doing just a small amount of research, or asking the opinion of someone who knows about the type of product in question.

This seems particularly relevant with jewellery items.  On more than one occasion, I have purchased "18 carat gold", only to find that it is actually 9 carat gold.  A common explanation for this is that the item was being sold on behalf of someone else and "they said" it was 18 carat gold.  Similarly, the item might have been given as a gift, and "they said" it was 18 carat gold.  This might be acceptable to the recipient of the item, but it is not acceptable for resale.

For a smooth transaction, from start to finish, KNOW what you are selling.  Alternatively, state in your listing that you DON'T KNOW, or cannot be sure.  Buyers want to be sure that they are going to receive the item described in the listing... stating that you don't know for sure at least allows potential buyers to decide the risk for themselves, and make a better informed purchase.

Thank you for "listening".

Happy Selling.  And be careful out there.


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