Selling items which include discs

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Heres my thoughts on how to successfully sell an item which involves a disc, whether it be CD ROM, Audio CD, DVD etc. When I sell a disc related item, I make sure I include a picture of the disc itself to ensure the potential buyers that the disc is in top condition and there is no scratches etc.  Also what I find essential is to show the order of the case, personally I wouldn't buy a DVD or CD with a broken case  (what else would you put them in to keep then in top condition) so if your item does have a broken case try and find one from another DVD or CD which you would not mind swapping this is all aimed at keeping the customer satisfied. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words!

When i started selling my old PS2 games i didn't think people would buy them as they thought something maybe wrong with them but it turns out if you make sure people know what they are buying and get the confidence in them they will buy and return to but items of the same, remember also to be honest, if there is a scratch notify them of this, even if it doesn't impair the functionality of  the item. It pays to be honest!!
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