Selling on E-bay basic listing tips

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Basic Selling tips
If you want your item to sell well you need to tell the world all about it. And you can tell the whole world on E-bay.

Recently I witnessed a listing which had the title ' Canon Digital Camera'  with just 2 very similar photos. ( I have seen 'Camera' and 1 poor photo)  The item in question was one of the Canon range of digital SLR camera (model 450 D) however this was not evident from the title, description  or photos. I had to ask. 

firstly you will need to put it into the correct section, or instance if it is a film camera don't put it in the digital camera section although I have seen a rejuvenating face cream listed in the Digital Camera Battery section.

The title should have the brand & any model number and name as this can pick up extra searches and near misses use all the space available. remember just because you know what it is that you are selling this may not be evident unless you give as full a description as possible or a buyer with a crystal ball. Often E-bay will have a full specification description available. Good photos from several angles may help fill in the gaps of your knowledge of the item and can help indicate the serviceability & condition of your item  (go on you can have up to 12 Free) 

And if someone asks a question about the item add the response to the listing as chances are other people will be asking the same thing.

The more information you provide at the outset will mean that more people are likely find your item and potentially bid on it rising the final price. If the basic information is missing buyers are likely to go straight onto the next item which has instant appeal.

Before listing your item do a quick search of your item or similar items as it will give you an idea of what to put into your listing description and just as importantly what to leave out.

Give an honest description, do not say it is 'mint' if it shows wear & tear, if the item has been pre-owned then wear & tear is to be expected and you should indicate this.

Finally the 450 D sold for a lot less than similar items, even some cameras with lower specifications because of the poor description and title.
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