Selling successfully on eBay - Photographs

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How to take great photographs on eBay.  Quick hints and tips I picked up.

Most people spend all the time on the listing content and not the photograph, but this is what needs to have the most time spent on it, to attract buyers into your listing.  As there is no use having a superb write up if the picture looks terrible!

Firstly, ensure that the background is neutral behind what ever you are selling, there is nothing worse than seeing a picture where the background is your washing up, or an unmade bed.   Or a crazy print bed sheet! 

See the photo's in   My Shop for instance - clear concise and accurate and no background.

The photograph subconciously tells the buyer a lot about you and what to expect, so for instance in clothing a creased unwashed item tells the buyer that you do not care about what you sell!  Photographing on the carpet or laminate floor says "hey this item has been used to dust the floor!" (seriously - as was pointed out to me recently), hence why I am updating all my photo's as my buyers didnt want to see the condition of my laminate floor! 

When selling clothes, use a dummy. Items hung on hangers look awful, if you can not afford a dummy or are only selling a couple of items, use a sheet (plain) on the floor as the background,  but this is a rule of thumb when selling anything - including cars or large items, (for instance, take photo's of your car on an empty car park - looks better than outside your house!)

It is a good idea to use more than one picture - one good picture, can and will see an item, but multiple pictures will help an unsure buyer buy!

Remember that your photo and listing inadvertantly tells your buyer about you as a seller, scruffy, unprofessional listings are a major turn off,

Use sentance case (not all CAPS as this is SHOUTING).  Do not start with "this auction is for" - guess what - we know that!

Describe colours accurately, any detail, anything which is unique to your item. 

Take your own photo's - it is unfair to steal another seller's photo, but there is nothing to stop you recreating that look and style.  Think what you buy on eBay and why.
Happy eBaying - hope this helps
Suz x

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