Selling to Northern Ireland

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We have been about on eBay for a while now, we sell some, but buy ALOT, we are a motocrossing family, that sells to run our 5 motocross bikes (not a cheap sport in these quantities!! lol)

We live in Northern Ireland, when we need things, ie equipment, parts, etc, eBay is always our first port of call to look for that elusive bargain! We enjoy our shopping experience on eBay and have met some pretty cool sellers along the way! There is just one thing that turns us off.......

Any seller charging extra to post to Northern Ireland!

We sell goods that need posted, 99% of those buyers are on the mainland. Do we add extra onto the postage price to post those goods to the mainland? NO! We look up the royal mail website, where UK postage prices according to size and weight are there for all to see, we find out how much it is for UK postage on the size and weight of the item then state it in the auction! Why oh why does it cost mainland sellers extra to send items to Northern Ireland, but we can send the same item to the mainland for Royal Mail's standard postage charge?? Hmmm......

We agree there are certain exceptions to this rule, ie. items sent by a courier, who would for sure charge you extra as the item would have to be placed on a boat/plane, but this is usually heavier or larger items that wouldn't be sent using standard mail methods.

It will cost you more to send to Ireland / Eire, but this is NORTHERN Ireland, part of the UK :-)

There are other places too, such as Isle of Man, Northern Scotland, etc, but I can't comment on them as I really don't know if it does cost extra? I wouldn't imagine so as they are also part of the UK? I would be interested to hear about that!

This is merely a tip for those sellers who do add on extra postage, it's the biggest turn off ever, we personally click back on the browser and look for similar items sold by others, even if it means paying slightly more!

So think twice, please! There are loads of us Northern Irish about on eBay, how many sales are you losing??

We are interested in what anyone thinks of this issue, feedback to this post would be appreciated!

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