Sending items by post

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In the world of Ebay items have to be posted 99% of the time to the winning bidder.   I am still amazed at the way people send things out and hope that they get to the other end. Here are a few helpful hints on ways to ensure the items are recieved at the other end or at least - YOU are insured.


1)  Make sure you have the correct postal address, sometimes people do move and dont change the delivery address on their Ebay account.

2) Make sure you check the special instructions box when the bidder pays, there may be a note regarding a different delivery address.  I recently wone a bid and asked for the item to be sent else were as i was away for a while, the item was delivered to my home address and left on my doorstep never to be seen again. I know this because the postman told me what he had done.  Yes the postman was wrong to do this.

3) The least you should do is get a proof of postage certificate from the post office, these are free so if the item does not arrive at least you have the proof it was sent.

4) Always have the item signed for at the other end that way you know it can be tracked by the post office if it does not arrive.  The costs that people place for postage is more than enough to cover this service.  This way the item is insured also.

5) Make sure the packageing is suitable for the item and it cannot be damaged and fall out again the packaging reflects the cost of postage.  I recently wone an item that cost three pounds to post and was packe like the safe at the Bank of England, but also wone an iten that cost fifteen pound and came in a giffy bag and was damaged. Its also a good way of not geting a poor feedback.

6) Tell the post office staff the value of the item they know the best options for safe postage listen to what they say, it may cost you more than a poor feedback.

7) If you know you are going to be away from home when the item is due, make sure you either provide an alternative delivery address and make sure the seller understands this or inform the postman you are away and that the item is not to be left on the door step.

8) MAKE SURE you keep in contact with the purchaser to see if the item has arrived, the longer you leave checking the harder it is to resove the matter. Most first class parcel post should be delivered within a week in main land UK.

If  you follow these simple steps you should not have any problems, its your responcibility as a seller as much as it is as a purchaser to ensure the items arrive safe and within a reasonable time. 

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