Servicing and testing cameras offered for sale

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In checking and servicing the cameras, mostly medium format, that I offer for sale, the main aim is to restore each one to, as near as possible, original condition. As classic cameras are now at least 50 years old and spare parts are not easily obtainable, that can sometimes be a daunting prospect.

Gauthier shutters such as the Prontor-S, SV and SVS are almost always inoperative on the slow speeds and the delayed action escapement is usually jammed. Compur-Rapid and Synchro-Compur shutters and usually working throughout the range of speeds, although some will require attention. Shutters requiring attention are dismantled, cleaned and lubricated.

All lens elements are visually examined and carefully cleaned to remove any foreigh bodies condensation, or lubricant that may have found its way from the shutter mechanism. If necessary, any slight trace of fungus is removed with a fluid recommended by Leitz. Lenses that are heavily infected with fungus are discarded.  

I do not shine lights through lenses. Once infinity focus has been set, the camera is tested with film at infinity and 10ft or 3m, depending on the focusing scale. The resulting negatives are projected on to the enlarger baseboard to about 12in x 12in and examined with a high magnification focusing magnifier. Such tests ensure that the buyer has an instrument capable of excellent results. What more can any user ask of a 50 to 75-year-old camera?

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