Set up your Wireless USB dongle for Nintendo DS Wifi

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Nintendo DS Wireless

Setting up your Nintendo DS onto wireless can be tricky. Nintendo discontinued the official Nintendo Wireless USB adapter (shown below) so if you aren't one of the lucky ones that got one you will have to set up your wireless another way.

If you do have the official Nintendo Wifi adapter make you are using the correct software. It will work under Vista but only if you use version 1.06 or 1.07 of the software. See

Other Connection Methods

Try a straight-forward connection first

First thing to try before you buy any USB wireless adapter is to see if your DS will connect to your current wireless router (assuming you have one). If you are experienced in wireless setup and use MAC addresses - add the DS's own MAC address (found under system setup in wireless) to your routers list and see if you can connect (dont try this if you are not experienced as you can lock out all wireless devices in one click). If the DS does connect then you are sorted and you dont need to read any further. If not like the many 1000's of people its probably because it not 100% compatible with the DS or your security level is higher than WEP (such as WPA). 

Setting up your Nintendo DS wireless using a USB adapter

There are 1000's of cheap USB wireless adapters claiming they are suitable for the DS - most are but they dont tell you how to set them up! Hopefully this guide will save you hours of messing about before you give up.

Rather than buying a new router or lowering your wireless security level you can buy a Wireless USB adapter to create a wireless access point for your DS like the one below:

Most of the ones available on eBay look identical to this one. USB DS Wireless Adapter 

This will let you create a wireless access point to access your internet on your current adapter.

  • Install the drivers and the software then plug in the USB wireless device.
  • Open the software as set as below:

  • Setting it to an "ACCESS POINT"
  • Then click "More Setting"

  • Leave your authentication as "OPEN" (no password)
  • Set the Bridge Adapter as your normal Internet adapter.
  • You should be able to now connect your DS to the adapter for internet access.
  • Open a WIFI enabled game (like Mario Kart) and open your network settings

  • Search for an Access Point and connect to the Wireless USB adapter it will show as unlocked (like the blue padlock below) unless you set a password (leaving it unlocked is the easiest as you can just unplug the USB adapter / shut down your pc when you are finished)

If you are still unable to connect or get an error message it may be that the bridging feature isnt 100% compatible with your internet adapter. Unfortunately this bridging isnt the best way to do it but its the only option you have without a compatible router or the official Nintendo Wifi adapter. The new DSi has significantly improved WIFI capability so at least if you upgrade in the future getting online should be less of a headache!


Hopefully this has helped you out!

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