Setting Up Wireless Internet

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There are two main types of wireless use, file sharing and internet sharing.

For file sharing you will need two or more computers which are connected to a network where you are able to share and access files and folders across the network.

For internet sharing you will need* a broadband internet connection (it is possible with dial-up internet, but more complicated), a broadband modem, a router and a wireless access point

Combined packages of the above packages are becoming increasingly more common, i.e. you can now buy an ADSL modem/router/wireless access point all in one unit.

Once these components have been purchased you will need to make your laptop wireless ready.

For this, all you will need is a Wireless Network Card. They simply slot into the laptop's PCMCIA port and are compatible with all Pentium II based systems and above. They will also be compaible with some Pentium I based systems.

We have wireless network cards available for sale in the 'Accessories' department of our store.

Which type of Wireless network card do I need?

If you intend to use your laptop purely for internet use then buy a card advertised as 11mbps or 22mbps otherwise known as 802.11b compliant.

If you intend to use your laptop for both internet and for sharing files across a network then it is recommended you choose a 55mbps card otherwise known as 802.11g. An 802.11b card will also work fine but will give you slightly slower access to your shared files.

*N.b. This is the most common setup required for a wireless internet connection - other hardware configurations such as Network Switches and Hubs can be used)
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