Setting correct scissor tension

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If the scissor is not adjusted correctly the blades will have no tension and will not cut properly, they will simply bend the hair or the hair will slide on the blades.

To adjust scissors:

Hold your scissors by the thumb ring with your left hand - let the scissor point straight up in the air at 12 O'clock.

With your right hand take the finger ring and open the blades so they are open 35-45 degrees. Now let go of the ring/blade in your right hand so the scissor closes by itself.

When the blade comes to rest there should be a gap between the two tips of approx 1/4".

If the tips come together completely the scissor is too loose. They need a little tightening which is clockwise tightening of the screw.

If the tips are too far apart from each other, loosen the scissor screw until adjusted correctly.

If your scissors still do not cut properly after adjusting the tension, it is time to have your scissors serviced.

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