Setting the HTZ on a mulitband Casio Wave Ceptor Watch

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Multiband Casio Wave Ceptor watches pick up the signals from the transmitters in England, Germany, USA and Japan. You do, however, have to set the Home Time Zone. For instance, if you set the home time zone to 0 (zero) it will automatically pick up the time signal from the Rugby transmitter; set it to 1 and it will pick up the signal from Germany - and so on. And the good news is that setting the home time zone is very easy.

Lets go through it step by step:

1. Set home time zone (city) - press button A (top left) in time keeping mode until you see A/T, MSF or DCF flashing
2. Press C (bottom left) to get to the city codes
3. Use B (top right) and D (bottom right) to run through the city codes until you see LON
4. Press A (top left) twice to exit

To perform a manual receive:

1. Place watch on window ledge with the 12 o'clock closest to the window.
2. In time keeping mode press and hold D (bottom right) until the watch beeps.
3. The watch will flash to show that signal reception has started
4. Leave the watch alone until the watch shows GET and receive date/time

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