Setting up USB WIFI Adapter for Nintendo DS Lite

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Please note: Although the adaptor is also compatible with the Wii & DSI PSP, this guide is only relevant to the Nintendo DS Lite.

My son recently purchased a USB  WIFI Adapter for the Nintendo DS Lite, from tsgaming. Setting this up was described as straight-forward, but it actually turned out to be quite involved. I have therefore included this guide which was written by my son in case anyone else with a Nintendo DS Lite is having problems with this adaptor.

If after following the instructions from TSGaming you experience error codes such as 52000, 52100 … etc. when trying to connect Ralink Wireless
Utility to Nintendo DS, then try the following:

   1. On the DS connection setup screen, click on an empty connection (should say “None” if empty), then go to search for access point.

   2. SoftAP-3A should be an available network, so join this network, and input the WEP key if you choose to make one.

   3. If after connecting to the network, the DS gives you an error code, then you need to enter manual setup on the DS. To do this return to the screen on the DS where you choose from one of 3 connection slots. The slot which you chose to use to connect to the network, which originally said “None”, should now say “Ready”, so click on this connection. This should give the following screen:

   4. SSID and WEP Key should already be entered, so leave these alone. If, however they are empty, then enter “SoftAP-3A” (minus the quotation  marks) into SSID, and enter the WEP Key which you created into WEP Key (that is if you made a WEP Key at all).

   5. On the DS screen, where it says Auto-obtain IP Address, click Yes.

   6. Next open up Ralink Wireless Setup on the computer, and make sure it is in AP Mode. This should give you the following screen:

   (Numbers next to IP and Mask may be different in your case.)

   7. On your Ralink Wireless Utility, find the number next to Mask ( in my example), then enter this number into Subnet Mask on the DS screen.

   8. On your Ralink Wireless Utility, find the number next to IP ( in my example), then enter this number into GATEWAY on the DS screen.

   9. On the DS screen, where it says IP Address enter the same number as entered into Gateway, except change the last block so that it is different to that entered into Gateway, and is less than 255. So for example I could enter into the IP Address on the DS screen.

  10. Next on your computer, goto Start > Control Panel > Network and Intranet > View Network Status and Tasks. Below where it says “View your active networks” click on “(SoftAP-3A)”, then below activity click on Properties, then click on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” then Properties, to bring up the following window:

(IP address and subnet mask numbers may differ).

  11. On this window, where it says Preferred DNS server enter, and where it says Alternate DNS server enter Both these DNS are provided by Google.

  12. On the DS screen where it says Auto-obtain DNS, click Yes, then where it says Primary DNS enter, and where it says Secondary DNS enter

  13. On the DS screen click Save Settings. This should take back to the screen where you choose from 3 connection slots, so click Ready on the connection slot you have been using, then click Test Connection. This should give the message “Connection Successful”. If not, then enter the error code given into

  14. Google or the Nintendo website for more information.

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