Setting up shop on eBay

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Coming back to the beast.....

.....that is eBay! A few years ago i had a shop here on eBay selling mobile phone and tablet accessories. It went well, until it stopped going well! So i gave it up.
Now years down the line i have recently found myself out of work, and so i decided that i was going to give the beast another battle! Now, here i am, reset up to do business and wondering if this time things will stay successful.
eBay can be a daunting place, so many different areas to the site and so very many links to click, where do you begin??
I just wanted to give a few pointers to budding new "shopkeepers" so that the task isnt as much of a pain in the neck.

1. Open your basic shop and immediately request a higher selling limit. Even though you pay £19.99 a month for your shop which includes 100 free listings per month, what eBay doesn't tell you is that you must still send a higher selling request after opening your shop. So make this a priority before you even start listing or you may find yourself with many empty shelves.
2. Always make sure that you verify your paypal account, without this you won 't be able to make money. Although it is tempting to start selling straight away, if you haven't got all the basic things in place, you won't get that far anyway. Spend a day just setting everything up.
3. Remember that when you list an item, in order for it to appear in your shop you need to use the advanced selling tool. Open the sell an item page and you will see the advanced option in the top right hand corner of the page. Also good to remember that items can take a while to appear in your shop inventory so don 't panic if you don 't see them there right away.
4. Find a good supplier. If you are not making a profit, then what is the purpose of your business? Of course, there may be some people who simply want to do this for fun  but for making a dollar or two its important to source your goods carefully. You want a supplier who will offer you the goods at a cheap enough price that you don't have to end up ripping off your own customers!
5. Finally, if you ever get stuck between a rock and a hard place in the eBay labyrinth there is always the eBay chat feature, where a live eBay specialist is on hand, directly on your laptop to solve any issues you may be having. I have found them to b e very helpful and extremely quick so you don 't have to take too much time out from your selling.

I hope these few pointers have made life a little easier. And i wish you all the best in your eBay experience.
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