Seven for all Mankind Authenticity Guide - Spot Fakes

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Seven for all Mankind Buyers Guide.

Beware of fake Sevens out there!

First of all : 7 For All Mankind is not affiliated with Seven 7 Jeans. They are NOT the same company.
Fake Seven Jeans aren't actually that hard to spot and I am going to give you some advice on how to make sure not to get ripped off.

Before shopping for Seven's on Ebay - get a good look at them at a store or on a genuine website - look at the back pocket design closely - as this can later help you to spot a fake.

1. Watch out for Sevens where the Cut&Style Number Sticker is on the OUTSIDE of the jean - it is supposed to be on the inside above the Seven Label on the side. The sticker should also have 0's with a diagonal line on it. Also watch out for the font!! The pictures below show fake seven labels. There are also NO Seven for all Mankind Plastic Bags - if it says - in original factory bag - forget it it's a fake.

2. Havana's, Dojo's, Flynt's and A-Pockets are the ones faked most often. If you' ve looked at them in the store or on a legit site - you will see that the detail on the pocket is always immaculate - lines are perfect and the same goes for Crystals and studs. Fake Havana's have different holes and distressing they look badly done as you can see on the picture. Also the fakes dont have the red label partly removed as do the real ones. White waveline line Havana's are FAKE - they do not exist but were made up by the fakers. The waveline on the back pocket of a fake is also much fatter than that on the real one. You will see that the wash differs on a fake as well.

3. The same goes for A Pockets - you will see that the detail doesnt look as nice on fake jeans and sometimes the color of the design differs from the original. As you can see from the picture below - the pocket is too close to the double stitch - and also it runs diagonally to the double sticth - which the real one does not.

4. Crystal Jeans - Seven for all Mankind take excellent care when placing their Crystals - and the design is always immaculate and flaw free. Not so on the fakes - Take a look below and see how the real differs from the fake - where the fake has gaps between the Crystals. This is the same on the waveline design.

5. Great China Wall jeans - just out and already fakes are on the the market. Take a look at the detail on the original and fake - and the wash. Some drastic differences should make it easier for you to spot the real deal. The first  pic is real - the last one is the fake. The LABEL - is white paper - and not the usual red one. The fake has a red tag.

6. Buttons and Studs - Seven embossed studs - no black 7 on studs - these are fakes. Also Buttons have Seven embossed and need to correspond to the button color in the original model of your choice. Note that ALL Seven Zippers have YKK engraved.

7. Now some general tips before purchasing Seven's from another Ebay Member:
Check the sellers feedback - be cautious if its private or if there are already buyers that have left neg's due to fakes or questionable quality.

ALWAYS make sure that you see a picture that is of the actual jean for sale - and not a seven/neiman marcus/bloomingdale etc. picture! Ask your seller to send you a picture of the actual item before placing your bid - as often catalogue photos only are used to sell fakes.

Check your seller's other items - if there are too many of the same thing - it' s likely to be a fake. Also check what other stuff is up for sale. There is often fake Juicy alongside fake Sevens - or other Jeans.

Watch out for wholesale Jeans! They seem to attract fake sellers like no others.

Finally remember - NO plastic bags - Seven for all Mankind doesn't make them - and watch out for the labels, stickers, washing instructions and prints. Often fonds vary - and there have even been fakes with bad spelling.
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