Shabby chic furniture

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shabby chic look drawers
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shabby chic look drawers

How to create shabby chic

- Things You'll Need: Furniture, Sandpaper, Candle Wax, Paint
•Choose a nice furniture that has antique lines with lots of curves. You can get these really cheap at garage sales or ebay.
•Choose paint. Shabby Chic designs call for white, blue, green or pink furniture.
•Get the piece ready for painting. If the piece you are painting is laminated, you will need to prime it first. Clean off any dirt or chipping paint from the furniture.
•Distress the paint.
•Start layering paint. Shabby Chic is all about layers of paints.
•Sand the edges. Think about anywhere you would naturally touch the drawer. These spots would wear over time, so sand them down.
•Don't forget the cabinet pulls. Find antique glass knobs or iron work handles.
•Live with the piece for awhile. If something doesn't seem right, take it back outside & rub a layer of distressing medium or stain over it.

Shabby Chic painted furniture is a fabulous way to brighten up a nursery or guest room. Shabby Chic decor is especially practical if you are on a budget or just starting out. This way you can paint all of your mismatched pieces so everything coordinates.
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