Shaped Nappies - A Simple Guide

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With so many different nappy types on the market it can be confusing when choosing which is right for you.  Here is our simple guide to the Shaped Nappy.  For more comprehensive advice on which nappy is right for you, see our Choosing your Real Nappies - A Simple Guide.

Shaped nappies do not need folding and are elasticated at the legs and waist to provide a good snug fit.  They can vary from very sophisticated nappies with integral boosters and liners, to much simpler shaped layers of terry or flannelette.  Fastenings are either Aplix, Poppers or the Nappi Nippa and these nappies are available in a variety of fabrics and colours.  Many come as 'one-size' which make a very economical birth to potty nappy system at around £250.00 including wraps and accessories.

Being elasticated in all the right places, shaped nappies are excellent for containment and because they are part of a two part system, the separate wrap provides a second barrier helping to prevent leaks reaching the outer clothing.

In general shaped nappies take longer to dry than other nappy types because the fabric is layered within the body of the nappy (it does not fold out like a flat nappy), however, some shaped nappies have partly overcome this problem by having an integral booster that folds out to speed up drying.

Examples of shaped nappies: Motherease, Tots Bots, Wam-Bamboo.

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