Shaving Tips for Problem Skin

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Men’s shaving Problems and Solutions


Shaving is the method of removing hair by using a razor or any other kind of bladed tool to cut down the hair to the level of the skin. Men shave most commonly to remove facial hair and in women to remove their underarm, legs and pubic hair. Head shaving, which is commonly practiced by men, is often associated with religious practice, sports such as swimming or extreme sports and the armed forces. It has become common for men with partial baldness and is also been used to humiliate, punish and show submission to an authority.


Before the advent of razors, hair was sometimes removed using two shells to pull the hair out. Later, around 3,000 BC, when copper tools were developed, copper razors were developed. The idea of an aesthetic approach to personal hygiene may have begun at this time, though Egyptian priests may have practiced something similar to this earlier. Alexander the Great strongly promoted shaving during his reign in the 4th century BC. Today, there a lot of modern tools to make shaving easier, may it be a disposable razor or an electric shaver, you will notice that no matter how high tech these new gadgets are you still can't make a constant perfect shave and if done improperly razor burns, cuts and ingrown hair can occur. This is why creams, moisturizers, oils and other lubricants are used to make shaving a lot safer.

Shaving Methods:

Wet shaving:
Wet shaving is the most basic method of shaving. Materials used are water, a razor and a lubricant. Others prefer wet shaving because of greater control while shaving. A much closer shave is achieved compared to electric shavers that only trim hair and the tradition of doing it manually and the feel of applying quality products after every shave. To some, this is considered to be pleasurable and some view shaving as a chore.
It is important to wet the hair to be shaved for at least 30 minutes to make it soft and easier to cut, so shaving is best done after a bath. A lubricant or shaving cream is applied to further moisten the hair and help the blade move more smoothly. Shave in the direction of the hair nap or shave along the grain and clean the razor often. To make a more closer shave, after shaving along the grain, rinse and apply lubricant or shaving cream again and this time shave against the grain, this is done much easier since the hair was cut short on the first shave. You should never shave against the grain at the start since this is very painful and may cause plucking instead of cutting or shaving the hair.

Electric shaving:
The electric razor consists of a set of oscillating or rotating blades, which are held behind a perforated metal foil that prevents the blade from coming into contact with the skin. The moving blades cut the hair that passes through the perforations of the foil. In some designs the blades are a rotating cylinder, in others they are one or more rotating disks, and in others a set of oscillating blades.  The disadvantage of an electric shaver is that it is not as “close a shave” as compared to wet or manual shaving and the need of an electric source. The advantages are a quicker shave, fewer skin cuts, and no need water. Electric shaving is also called dry shaving although there are now devices that let you apply and use same products in wet shaving and safely wash or rinse the blades in water without the fear of electrocution.

Many men suffer from skin damage caused by daily face shaving. Sharp razors not only remove dead skin cells but also leave your skin very tender, which can take days to recover. However, due to the rate of hair growth most men have to shave daily to maintain a smart appearance. The daily process of shaving simply exacerbates the problem, causing new damage to already damaged skin. Many men end up with unsightly shaving bumps and painful razor rash, all of which can be treated if using the right products.

Are you using the correct shaving product?

We have tried and tested countless products. While many give a great shave, they may not help someone who has a problem shaving. As the face is SO important, the first recommendation would be to use a natural shave cream and if possible one that contains truly beneficial ingredients. One such product is  Bob Norburn a  3in1 natural shave + healing  Shaving Cream , made from Grape Seed Oil. Grapeseed oil is  a light, delicate natural oil and potent anti oxidant with anti-ageing properties (Grape Seed Oil has up to 15,000 times more anti-oxidant value than Vitamin E).  All of this means that your skin will heal super fast. The best thing about the Bob Norburn shave cream is that it can be used a moisturizer as well, saving you money in the long run, plus gving you the best care. Apply it generously to problem areas, especially concentrating on areas of soreness. Bob Norburn Shave vastly accelerated skin healing and after a weeks use will literally make your skin glow. This is itself will result in more elastic, younger looking skin. It works to fade scarring too!
Bob Norburn Cream is the result of 8 years of Research by a leading Lubrication Engineer and combines space age lubricants with natural oils for a cool, close and comfortable shave while moisturising and conditioning the skin. Bob Norburn 3 in 1 is a Shaving Cream lubricant (applied before shaving with no need to wet the skin), a soothing aftershave lotion and a top quality moisturiser so if you have sensitive skin, cut easily, suffer from razor burn or simply want a smoother shave, then Bob Norburn Cream is a perfect solution.
While the Bob Norburn Cream is a dry shave, there are others if you prefer wet shaving. Total Shaving Solution (TSS) is another amazing and affordable product containing Grape Seed Oil, lavender oil and other natural oils which give a super smooth wet shave.  Just a few drops of TSS, plenty of water and a razor is all you need for a super-smooth shave (you don’t need any other shaving creams or gels) with no discomfort, nicks, cuts, red raw skin or razor burn. Another excellent product to use is SKIN DEEP cream which is excellent for those with skin problems, eczema, psoriasis or dry skin. One of the key ingredients in Skin Deep is Grapeseed Oil which is known to have excellent skin healing properties and, according to University research, works 1000s of times more effectively than Vitamin E! Grapeseed oil is used in high end skincare products and has been shown to help with rashes, burns, bites, sunburn and other skin irritations. Other key nutritional ingredients include: Coconut Oil, Grapefruit Extract and Oil, Vitamin E oil and Avocado Oil.

After shave problems?

Common Problems with shaving:
Cuts can cause bleeding that last for about fifteen minutes or more and longer with persons taking aspirin, which is a clot inhibitor and hemophiliacs. Shaving cuts can occur due to improper shaving technique; usually moving the blade perpendicular to its cutting axis or cutting irregular bumps on the skin.

Here are a few tips on stopping cuts:
   1.      Pressure - the most basic technique to stop any bleeding. Applying pressure to the cut helps build up clot and blocks the blood vessels and stops bleeding.
   2.      Ice cubes – constricts blood vessels and slowing down blood flow, allowing clot to form.
   3.      Petroleum jelly – dabbing some petroleum jelly slows down and seals the cut, leads to the formation of clot.
   4.      Use a dedicated  Styptic pencil or  Shaving Nicks pencil from Clubman (USA)
Shaving can be tiresome but when shaving causes skin irritations, rashes, ingrown hairs and razor bumps it can be really uncomfortable.  Unsightly razor bumps and red rashes are an embarrassing problem that men have to face everyday.  There are now a number of affordable and easy to use, quality shaving products for sale online specially designed and formulated to combat shaving irritations.
Ingrown Hairs:
This is a situation when hair grows and curls back into the skin. Shaving too close to the skin causes it. Ingrown hairs are usually minor irritations but can be painful, unsightly and if infected can even lead to scarring at times.
Razor Burn:
Razor burn is an irritation of the skin caused by shaving too closely, shaving with a blunt blade, dry shaving, applying too much pressure when shaving, shaving too quickly or roughly, or shaving against the grain. After two to four days of shaving, razor burns appear as a mild rash and usually disappears a few hours to a day depending on its severity. On severe cases razor burn can lead to razor bumps. Razor burns is a common problem, especially among those who shave coarse hairs on areas with sensitive skin like the bikini line, pubic hair, underarms, chest, and beard.
Razor Bumps:
Razor bumps or in medical terms is called pseudofolliculitis barbae. “Pseudo” meaning false, “follicle”- hair, “itis"- inflammation and “barbae”- of the beard. pseudofolliculitis barbae commonly occurs on the face of men and can also be found on other areas of the body where hair is plucked or shaved, especially on area where the hair is sensitive and curly like the genital area. This condition is extremely common in people of African descent, who have curly hair. It is cause by a shaving too close to the skin just like ingrown hairs, causing some hair to grow back into the skin leading to painful reddish swelling of the affected a follicle.

Folliculitis or Barber’s Rash:
Folliculitis is an inflammation of one or more hair follicles and can occur anywhere in the skin. Barber rash in particular is a localized folliculitis that affects the areas that have been shaved and infected by Staphylococcus aureus. Symptoms are a rash, reddened skin area, pustules or pimples in which crusting may occur and may spread if improperly treated. Barber’s rash is treated with topical antibiotics and shaving is discouraged until all rash has dried and cured.

The original formula and best soothing after shave gel is Priva (Power) Shave which comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee promising that  Priva Power Shave will make shaving trouble free and banish razor bumps, red shaving rashes, discoloration and ingrown hairs.  Priva Shave Gel can be used on the face, back and all areas of the body.  Applied directly onto the skin straight after hair removal (by shaving, plucking, waxing or other methods of hair removal) the anti-inflammatory /anti-irritant system blocks the introduction of bacteria into broken skin and eliminates inflammation that leads to razor bumps, shaving rash and ingrown hairs along with swelling, itching and discoloration. Kalo Ingrown hair is also fabulous at treating such a condition and contains a lot more skin beneficial ingredients.  Kalo Ingrown also stands out as it is one of the few shaving rash treatments which does not contain alcohol. There are other alterantives on the market eg tendskin, but note, Tendskin is quite harsh to the skin and comes with quite strong warnings!

There are other gels and lotions available to sooth and get rid of unsightly and uncomfortable shaving rashes such as Tendskin, but Priva Shave Gel is the original formula developed after a decade of research by pharmacists, internationally recognized for its quick, effective results and with a long shelf-life giving best value for money. Most importantly, Priva Shave will not dry the skin like other rival products, as it contains chamomile oil.
Ingrown Hair Treatments like Kalo by Nisim, reduce and help remove ingrown facial hair which causes redness, razor bumps and skin irritations.  Kalo Ingrown Hair Treatment is very effective at treating existing ingrown hairs and should be applied after shaving and left to soothe skin. Occasional exfoliation can help to reduce the incidence of ingrown hairs.
How to avoid shaving problems:
The best way the avoid shaving problems is to prevent them from occurring. One important factor is you should know proper shaving technique, but even veteran shavers find them selves nicked from time to time. Here are some products to assist and help you attain a perfect shave.
 1.    The Bob Norburn Shaving Cream – Over 8 years of research by a leading Canadian Lubrication Engineer. is made entirely of natural, non-chemical Food Grade ingredients, avoiding petrochemicals and animal by-products. Its main ingredient is Grape Seed Oil and a major component of grape seed oil is Linoleic Acid, a potent antioxidant. Linoleic Acid has been the subject of a great deal of research within universities and commercial research departments in the US and is widely recognized an effective anti-carcinogen. Bob Norburn Cream moistens the hair and provides high lubricity that makes the blade glide smoothly over the skin, preventing razor rash and razor burns. It is also an effective moisturizer that helps your skin feeling great. Other users that suffer from hand eczema or dry hands have noticed an improvement of their skin condition after daily shaving and have used the product as moisturizer ever since.

2.   Priva Power Shave is a semi-liquid gel that adheres to the skin and acts as an anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic to prevent razor bumps, shaving rash and ingrown hairs along with swelling, itching and discoloration. Priva Shave also contains humicants and emollients that helps control the moisture exchange between skin and hair and also helps in softening the skin rehydration. Priva shave is used every after shaving.
3.  Kalo Hair Inhibitor Hair Growth Inhibitor is a breakthrough hair retardant formula, which inhibits unwanted hair re-growth. Kalo's effectiveness relies on first physically removing the unwanted hair usually accomplished by waxing, sugaring, tweezing or shaving). Kalo is then applied to reduce the hair growth. Every time you wax and use Kalo, you can expect that 10 to 15% of the hair will never grow back. This is because, at any given time, 10 to 15% on a person's body are in the anagen, or initial growth stage - the hair best affected by Kalo. The 85-90 per cent of the hair that does grow back will be weaker, finer, and have less colour. After only a few hair removal sessions, the results will be evident, with up to 50 per cent of the hair gone within six months. The advantages of Kalo are obvious. Traditional hair removal methods can be painful, costly, damaging to skin. Kalo safely and effectively inhibits unwanted body and facial hair from growing back. Kalo is gentle, painless & completely safe.

Something to make beard hair softer?

Kalo post shave lotion or spray  inhibits and reduces hair re-growth by targeting hair in the initial growth (Anagen) stage of development so that each time you shave and use Kalo less hair will grow back.  After using  Kalo hair growth inhibitor for about six months hair re-growth can be reduced by up to 50%.  Kalo can make a big difference and mean a lot less time and effort spent on shaving and hair removal from the face and any other parts of the body such as the chest, back or pubic area.


Traditional, basic shaving products like talc, shaving brushes and razors are now available in advanced formulas and ergonomic designs to make shaving a pleasurable experience.  The Clubman Shave Talc is superb for dry shaving and absorbs moisture (perfect for oily or sensitive skin, susceptible to rashes).  The new shaving brush with synthetic bristles by Men-U is easy to clean, environmentally friendly and needs much less shaving cream for a rich foamy lather than old-fashioned shaving brushes.  Modern technology brings us hi-tech electric razors for faster, closer shaves such as the battery operated Cleancut Shaver which are easy to use and clean. The Cleancut in particular shaves very well given its rounded shape. Ensure you buy from a reputable dealer and not where it is the cheapest! An even smaller more compact shaver which is Body4real Mini Pocket Shaver which we love for emergency hair removal!

Men are realising that shaving can be hassle-free and by using a combination of specially designed shaving products, embarrassing and uncomfortable stubble, redness, rashes, bumps and other problems can now be eliminated forever.  

Note, none of these products are tested on animals (unlike the more well known brands in the supermarket) . If you care about your skin and environment, take a positive step and try these products. (see
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