Shaving with a Rolls Razor.

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A lot of information is available on the Rolls Razor. This blog is about shaving with one. Assuming that your old Rolls Razor is correctly serviced and the blade is set on the hone and well stropped,  then to get a really good shave you will need to prepare your face as for a straight razor. (cutthroat).  1. wash your face with hot water and apply the shaving soap or cream.   2. then preferably use a hot towel over it for a minute or two keeping it hot. 3. put the shaving brush in hot water, apply some more shaving cream and lather well with the brush. Your face will now be well prepared for a good shave. 4. dip the razor in the hot water and shave as instructed in the Rolls Razor manual.  It works well,  I use a Rolls Razor most days now as I am a bit shaky with the straight open blade type (getting old). The above is my opinion as it works for me and is likely the reason that not everyone could get on with the Rolls Razor. With a good keen blade then face preparation is the secret  for a good shave, and don`t forget the face balm afterwards. I hope you have found this useful. Good wishes, MIKE.
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