Shill Bidding is not always what it seems

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What is Shill Bidding ?

Shill bidding is when you use a fake or a friends account to push up your auction prices

That is of course is not in your intrest or mine as a good reputation is everything

But what happens when you are accused of Shill bidding

Do you get a chance to say it isn't so ....NO

Do you get a chance to put your side forward ......NO

Not every seller who has a regular 0 rater buy from them is shill bidding sometimes some less than honest ebayers make up many names and bid on your auctions and threaten you with a load of red marks if you report them

As a red free profile is always best some sellers have no choice but to put up with the constant fake bids by certain people

but when you do report these fake bidder do ebay remove them ....No

Do they leave them to carry on destroying you good rep....Yes they do

So be carefull not everything is as it would seem at times and remember as a seller you are alone out there because Ebay will take you money for fees they will take your money for paypal but will they back you up when you need them ........NO


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