Shill Bids - Why Complain?

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I have had a few experiences of items mysteriously being bid on by members with no feedback whatsoever, on accounts created a day before or maybe a few weeks before. I only ever reported one but ebay got back to me and said theire was insufficient evidence, although the phone went for a hundred pounds when in the shops you couldget it for around £40. I contactedthe seller who insisted he was innocent and said he was suspicious too and that the buyer must have been up to something. Well, what exactly??? (I mistakenly told ebay it had gone for £1000, but they seemed unaware that this could have been an error on my part in writing when in an agitated state! They politely corrected my claim.)

Anyway, a few days after hearing from ebay on the lack of evidence, the seller contacted me asking if I still wanted the phone for X amount as he had decided not to let it go to the obviously dodgy winner. What? Are you serious? I nearly broke an arm falling off the chair laughing.

I bought a phone from elsewhere, needless to say. But my point is - why such a lame response from ebay? It has put me off complaining again.

I contacted one lady and asked her straight out, but in a really unthreatening and friendly manner, if she were shill bidding me: her response was really over the top. She told me I should have more trust in people etc etc...her tone was less than polite and she was quite aggressive in her wording although not abusive. Even so, if I had had faith in ebay, I would have gone to them first. I think some of the problem is that sellers put a low reserve to get the bidding going, but when it doesn't match up to their hoped for price they feel forced to start the shill bidding in order not to lose the item. I can understand this but it is still wrong and ebay must surely take complaints more seriously than this. Or at least give better explanations.

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