Shipping methods for Greek Buyers

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What to look before selecting the shipping method of your item.

From the US to Greece.

What you could not choose!

When you buy items form the USA be careful of the shipping method your item will be shipped.
Know that using DHL, Fedex, UPS or other ultra fast methods like USPS Global Express Guaranteed or USPS Express Mail International will create problems to you when goods arrive in Greece.

Why you could not choose it!

All these fast shipping methods arrive to Athens Airport El.Venizelos and as soon as your item will arrive you will receive a call or an email informing you that you have to pay at least 100 euros in order the courier to complete the procedures in customs and deliver the item to you. This applies to items valued more than 22 EUR which is about 30 USD ( this i was told in my last order, which i finally denied to receive). Apart from the 100+ euros you will be asked to pay, you have to pay extra for duty and tax. They offer you an alternative: You or a customs clearer to do the procedures. In this case if you go to do the work for them you still pay about 60- 70 euros to the courier service and also waste about 3-4 hours to complete the procedures. In the case you ask a customs clearer to do this for you , you pay 60-70 euros to the courier service and the cost of the customs clearer.

What you could choose!

Slower services like USPS Priority Mail International or First-Class Mail International. Off course your goods will arrive later but....

Why you could choose it!

All this services are received by the Greek State Postal Services (ΕΛΤΑ) and are processed by them. So in case of duties or taxes you receive a notification that you need to pay this amount FOR CUSTOMS. They do not ask any money for custom clearance procedures or handling fees etc like they do with courier services like DHL , FedEx, UPS.

Important Information 

This guide is not created in order to commercially harm any postal service or courier service. It is not either created to promote any special service or company. All companies provide their services with their own terms and conditions. In no case this guide intends to harm any service or company.

Also this guide is not created in order anyone to avoid to pay taxes or duties to the USA or Greece. The fees you avoid are handling fees of the courier companies.

This guide is created in order to help Greek buyers that buy goods from the US to save money . It is each buyers decision which service or company he/she will use.

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