Shopping for 'STARGATE SG1' and 'THE WIRE' on EBAY

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Firstly,check on AMAZON.CO.UK .   £15 - £19 gets you a BNIB boxed set delivered.  If you have not got any STARGATE SG1 then why not buy all 10 seasons plus the 2 movies in one complete boxed set (£99) - again on AMAZON.

So if you are still reading this ... be careful - it is sometimes what a seller does not state that masks a problem - KEEP in mind what the BNIB price is!!       EBAY allows people to sell items over the going rate/price - yes its mad and yes EBAY don't care.  EBAY are in the Philippines!

Everything I have written here applies equally to ' THE WIRE ' - except that the place to buy the boxed sets for this programme is BANGCD.COM - not EBAY !!!!!!!!!
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