Shopping for Wheels With Tyres on eBay

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Shopping for Wheels With Tyres on eBay

Purchasing wheels with tyres means that buyers are getting everything that they need in one go. It also means that the tyres are matched to the wheels, taking the hard work out of finding the perfect combination for the car. eBay sellers offer a wide selection of wheels with tyres at competitive prices. Finding the perfect set of wheels and tyres for a car is easy.

First, learn how to match the wheels to the car, something that is especially important if buyers are considering purchasing them as spare parts. A brief explanation of tyre markings is included to make it easier to understand the jargon related to wheels and tyres. Learn how to search effectively on eBay, using features of the items to refine the search. Finally, understanding how to evaluate items and sellers on eBay is a crucial part of having a positive shopping experience. Learn where to find information to do this before completing the transaction.

How to Match Wheels to A Car

The easiest way to match wheels to a car is to buy wheels and tyres that come as standard for the make and model of the car. The odometer and speedometer are only accurate when the car is fitted with standard wheels and tyres or a set that have the same rolling circumference.

Size of Wheels With Tyres

Fitting smaller or larger tyres does not make a huge difference; there is usually less than two percent inaccuracy, but it does add up. This is especially important to remember with regards to the speedometer and the car's fuel efficiency. If the rolling circumference is not compatible with the vehicle, then the speed displayed may be slightly lower or higher than the speed travelled and fuel efficiency is adversely affected. Fitting spare wheels with tyres does not always mean a difference in the rolling circumference, but carefully research the best wheel and tyre combinations for the car before making changes.

Mounting for Wheels With Tyres

When shopping for wheels the first thing to consider is the number of bolts or studs. A four-bolt wheel cannot be fitted onto a five-bolt wheel hub, so ensure that the number of bolts match. Next, determine the pitch circle diameter (PCD). This is the diameter of the invisible circle formed by drawing through the middle point of each mounting hole of the wheel. The studs will not fit the wheel hub unless the spacing is correct. The PCD is denoted in this format: 5x114.42. This indicates a five-bolt pattern on an imaginary circle with a 114.42 millimetre diameter.

Inset or Outset of Wheels With Tyres

Consider the inset or outset of the wheel: in some cases, there is neither. This describes the distance in millimetres between the centre line of the wheel rim and the line through the fixing face, which affects the steering and suspension. In some cases getting the inset or outset wrong can lead to handling difficulties and damage to the vehicle's suspension or body. This figure is usually stamped on the wheel and denoted with ET. A positive offset means that the wheel has an inset, while a negative offset means that the wheel has an outset. If drivers increase the inset of a wheel, then they decrease the clearance between the inner edge of the wheel and the vehicle's suspension.

Understanding Tyre Markings

Tyre markings are a mystery to most people. Identifying the brand name is easy as this is usually embossed in large letters and recognisable even to those with a rudimentary knowledge of tyres. Reading the small print is slightly more complicated. The numbers on the outer circumference of the tyre wall indicate a number of things. The long number on the outer side of the tyre denotes the tyre size, construction, and speed ratings. Tyres marked as tubeless require no inner tube. Some markings even include the load index, ranging from 50, for 190 kilograms, to 169, for 5,800 kilograms. In addition, details about the tyre's purpose and construction are often shown.

Outer Markings of Wheels With Tyres

The long number on the outer side of the circumference of the tyre indicates several things. For example, a tyre marked with 205/75-H-R15 has a width of 205 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 75 percent, an "H" speed rating, is a radial tyre, and is designed to fit on a rim with a 15 inch diameter. The aspect ratio is the ratio of the height of the tyre sidewall, or section height, and is expressed as a percentage of the width of the tyre. In this case, 75 percent of 205 millimetres gives a section height of 153.75 millimetres. Speed ratings are denoted by letters of the alphabet and indicate the maximum speed that the tyre can sustain for 10 minutes without being damaged. Tyre width is always displayed in millimetres and rim size in inches. 

Inner Markings of Wheels With Tyres

The markings on the inner section of the tyre, near the wheel hub, indicate the pressure requirements, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) approval mark and number, and the country of manufacture.

Additional Markings of Wheels With Tyres

In addition, the tyre may also show a temperature rating, traction rating, or tread-wearing rating. The temperature rating indicates how well the tyre withstands heat buildup, with "A" being the highest and "C" the lowest. The traction rating shows how easily the tyre travels on a wet road, with "AA" being the highest rating and "C" the lowest. The tread wear rating is a comparative rating that indicates how fast the tread of one tyre will wear when compared to another, all things being equal.

Degraded Markings of Wheels With Tyres

Rubber degenerates over time and tyres should not be more than six years old. Avoid buying old tyres and look for cracks in the tyre as these tyres may not pass a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test. Remember to check the spare wheel for signs of wear related to aging.

How to Search for Wheels with Tyres on eBay

Finding what you need on eBay is an easy process. Simply type a search phrase, such as "OZ Racing wheels with tyres", in the search bar, which is located conveniently on every page. Alternatively, click on a search suggestion to allow autocomplete to launch a suggested search. This displays all of the items tagged with the keywords that you have entered. Refine your search by choosing the most appropriate item features.

If you want to narrow or expand your search to decrease or increase the number of listings displayed, use the advanced search feature. This allows you to do a far more detailed search with more specific parameters. Keep an eye out for local sellers when buying bulky items like wheels with tyres. Some sellers allow local collection, which means that you can save on postage and packaging fees and receive your items as soon as you are able to collect them.

Evaluating an Item on eBay

Before buying wheels with tyres on eBay, take a moment to learn all that you can about the items that you are about to buy. For more information about a specific product, click on the item to go to the item listing page. Here you can view details such as the full item description, buying options, the postage and packaging costs, the seller's accepted payment methods, and the seller's feedback information.

Most sellers are happy to answer questions from prospective buyers, so if anything about a listing is unclear, use the "Ask a question" link to contact the seller. Make sure that the wheels and tyres are right for your car before buying. Always communicate with the seller and reply to any correspondence received to ensure that the transaction runs smoothly.

Evaluating a Seller on eBay

In addition to evaluating the item, get to know the seller before you buy. eBay's seller feedback feature allows you to see what other buyers have to say about a particular seller's products and customer service. Detailed seller ratings provide additional information about the seller's communication, the accuracy of the item description in the listing, how long it took for the seller to send the item, and whether the postage and packaging fees were reasonable. Take the type of items previously sold and the feedback given into account when making up your mind about a seller. Remember to leave seller feedback once you have received your wheels with tyres.

eBay Shops

Many sellers specialise in certain types of products and have eBay Shops where you can see everything that they have for sale in one convenient location. If you find a seller whose products and customer service you like, visit his or her eBay store and take a look at what is on offer.


Buying wheels with tyres on eBay is a great way to save time and money. The easiest way to search for standard tyres is to look for items that match the car's make and model. Buyers who wish to change the wheel and tyre type should research the options available carefully to ensure that the wheel's rolling circumference does not affect fuel efficiency and the operation of the speedometer. Understanding how to choose wheels and what is meant by the letters and numbers on tyres makes it easier to find the right wheels with tyres for the car.

Once buyers find what they need, they should take a moment to get to know the seller and learn about the item before buying it. Visiting the item listing page provides everything that they need to know about the item. Viewing the seller's feedback details allows them to know what to expect before committing to a purchase. eBay sellers offer a large selection of wheels with tyres at competitive prices, making it easy for buyers to find exactly what they need to suit their budget.

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