Shopping safely on Ebay

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I'm a Bzzagent and I as part of my BzzCampaign I was asked to write an Ebay guide. The topic I have chosen is "Shopping safely on Ebay".

To be honest, I only started using Ebay after my first child was born. Before I had children I loved going shopping by myself (I found that to be relaxing) or with friends. I loved shopping! I could spend hours just wandering around different shops, checking out sales, buying clothing and make-up for myself. All of than, of course, changed once my first daughter was born. I barely had a minute to take a shower or have a cup of coffe, especially for the first year or so. That's when I decided to start shopping online. I started visiting retail sites like Amazon, Gumtree, Ebay. I decided that I liked Ebay the best. I couldn't believe the choice and variety it offered! You could find almost anything for sale on Ebay. Whatever your taste or budget, ebay offers something for everyone. But at the sime time at the back of my mind I always wondered how safe it really is to shop online? How do I know if the seller is genuine? Will I get what I paid for? Here's what I can offer on this topic:

1. Buy from sellers who have a good reputation.

Look at the feedback  seller have received and also how many sales they have had. When looking at feedback I always check how many positives and how many negatives they have received. If there are a lot of negatives, that's your red flag right there. I wouldn't risk it buying from this seller. Be more cautious if they’ve received negative Feedback recently.

2. View pictures and asked questions.

Look at the pictures carefully to view the item and to see the condititon its in. If the pictures are not very clear or you are not 100% sure, it's best to ask questions about the item to avoind any misunderstandings. Contact the seller and ask. I do it often. I always get answers to my questions and sellers are very polite. Most sellers are more than willing to share additional photos via email if you just ask for them.

3. Pay through Paypal

Last not not least. Never give out your personal information such as name, address, telephone number or credit card details. When possible, choose PayPal.

4. Delivery costs

Make sure you understand how much is the delivery cost and how soon you will receive your item before making your purchase. If you are still unsure, ask the seller for more details.

I wish everyone a happy and safe shopping on ebay!



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