Short Breaks with Caravans

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Short Breaks with Caravans

Every year, many families, couples, and individuals strive to take a holiday. This does not simply mean time off from work, but an actual trip to another country, city, or even another home away from home. Unfortunately, many people do not have the time or the money to take long luxurious holidays, but a short break every now and again can make a lot of difference. Short breaks allow travellers to escape reality for even a few days or a relaxing weekend. These breaks never usually last longer than a week, but they still aim to provide travellers with a wonderful, fun-filled and relaxing experience.

However, not everyone looks forward to a stuffy hotel room and room service, others, especially couples and family groups look forward to short breaks with caravans. Instead of sharing one building with another 50 to 200 people depending on hotel size, they would rather be camped out in a cosy, yet spacious luxury caravan for a few days. As with any other type of short break plans, certain factors have to be considered including the types of caravans, their locations, and the various features they might include.

What is a Short Break?

A short break is simply a short holiday that often lasts only a few days. This type of holiday is for people who do not have enough time to take a full scale holiday or those who simply do not have the resources. There are actual caravan parks used for travellers and many of these caravan owners offer short break packages to allow people to have fun or unwind for a few days. While most people may refer to a caravan as a mobile home; caravans used for short breaks are generally static. This means that they are not moved from the park or set location. Therefore, travellers need to pay attention to the location of the caravan or park in respect to nearby activities and entertainment.

What is a Caravan?

A caravan is also referred to as a travel trailer, which is often attached and towed behind the owner's vehicle. It is basically a home on wheels that provides many of the comforts of home, with the mobility and adventure of a camp tent. Most people buy a caravan to use on holiday and camping trips, thus saving them money on accommodation and meals because they can cook their own. Even though many camping sites charge a fee, people tend to pay less overall. Caravans may not look like much on the outside, but many are fully equipped on the inside with furniture, bedrooms, electronics, and appliances.

Types of Caravans for Short Breaks

When going on a short break to another city or country, it is not always ideal to hitch a caravan to the vehicle and go, so it may be better to find a short break package that already includes a caravan. There are quite a few different types of caravans, but only a few types are generally used for short breaks. Travellers should take the time out to learn more about the caravan types and what they may have to offer.

Standard Caravan

A standard caravan is often referred to as a full caravan. This type of caravan is named as such because it has the traditional outwardly design and it has a full appearance complete with a roof, solid walls, and standard home windows made of glass or acrylic. They are often used for short breaks, because the owners can quickly set them up and connect them to plumbing systems and other amenities, so that they can easily accommodate travellers.

Standard caravans generally offer a lot of headroom; therefore, occupants do not feel restricted when moving about. Standard caravans also tend to have a lot of living and storage space, as well as other amenities, such as a showers and kitchens.

Pop-Top Caravans

A pop top caravan is also called a pop up caravan based on the way the roof is made. They are built similarly to a standard caravan but the roof can be "popped-up" to provide more headroom, and lowered again. The additional roof space often has windows to let in additional lighting and air, but is generally covered with mosquito netting or similar material to keep out bugs. These caravans are typically smaller than most full caravans, but aims to provide many of the same features and amenities.

How to Choose a Caravan Short Break

Choosing a short break comes with many decisions typical of any holiday. These may include budget, time availability and location, but choosing a caravan for this holiday may require more focus on the actual caravan than anything else. Despite the cost of the short break and the amount of time allotted, it may not be as fulfilled or relaxing as one expects if the caravan does not provide all the necessary comforts.

Many people are under the impression that they need a really huge caravan to be comfortable, but it is not so much about the size of the caravan, but rather the layout of the furniture and fixtures. In addition, there are certain aspects that travellers should look at when selecting a caravan on their short break.


Even though windows may not readily be considered an important factor, but they can greatly affect the overall scenery of the park and the mood of the surroundings. Additionally, the size, number and situation of the windows can seemingly affect the size and decor of the caravan's interior.


Aside from a good solid main door, travellers with medium to large families may prefer a caravan with doors between the various rooms. These doors offer privacy as well as prevent heat, cold and odours from transferring between rooms.


While caravan bedrooms are pretty standard, some are creatively designed to have fold away compartments and additional furniture pieces that can become very handy from time to time. The beds tend to take up most of the space, but every now and again a small table may be needed or additional storage space.


Couples often prefer island beds in their short break caravans because many things can be accomplished more easily when the occupant can move about the side and foot of the bed. When the head of the bed as well as one side is pushed up against a wall, travellers may have difficulty respreading or changing the sheets, or getting out of bed from the corner without waking up the other sleeper. The bed sizes may vary depending on the caravan, so travellers need to confirm the details before booking their short break.


Some caravans are only built with a toilet and wash basin, but the ones used for short breaks tend to have showers built in, also. However, travellers should never make assumptions, so they should confirm the plumbing and fixtures before booking.

Activities and Entertainment

The activities and entertainment are the highlight of most short breaks, so travellers should find out what is available. Find out what is included in the caravan such as TV, microwave, fans, refrigerator, stove, and dining equipment. Additionally, find out what the park has to offer such as pools, lakes, pubs and restaurants.

Terms and Conditions

The term and conditions for the caravan and the park are very important and may include permissions for children, pets and smoking. These should be confirmed before booking.

Popular UK Caravan Parks

There are certain holiday caravan parks that are popular for short breaks and even lengthy holidays. travellers can use the chart below to see some of the most popular ones in their areas of interest.


Location 1

Location 2

Location 3

Location 4

Cornwall Caravan Holiday Parks

North Cornwall




Devon Caravan Holiday Parks

North Devon




Somerset Caravan Holiday Parks

North Somerset




Dorset Caravan Holiday Parks





Hampshire Caravan Holiday Parks

New Forest

Hayling Island



Isle of Wight Caravan Holiday Parks





Sussex Caravan Holiday Parks

East Sussex




Kent Caravan Holiday Parks



Essex Caravan Holiday Parks


East Mersea



Suffolk Caravan Holiday Parks



Norfolk Caravan Holiday Parks

Great Yarmouth




Yorkshire Caravan Holiday Parks

Yorkshire Coast



North Yorkshire

North East Caravan Holiday Parks



Whitley Bay


Scotland Caravan Holiday Parks


Scottish Borders



North West Caravan Holiday Parks



Lake District


Wales Caravan Holiday Parks

South Wales




Some areas have more park selections than others, but travellers can always try out different caravan parks on different short breaks before selecting a favourite. The list above does not contain all possible option, it is simply a listing of many popular areas.

How to Select Short Breaks with Caravans on eBay

Short breaks packages are pretty easy to find on eBay, but if to find the ones specifically associated with caravans, you may need to perform a "short breaks caravan" search from the eBay home page. The results from that search should include various types of caravans in various locations. You can opt to browse through those listing to find a caravan short break that appeals to you, but if you are already sure of certain details, you could also put that information into your search to narrow the results further.

For instance, if you want to take your short break with a caravan in Whitley Bay Park, you could probably perform a search for Whitely short break caravans. The result of that search would have already filtered out all other parks, and provide you with a more refined set of listings to browse through. Once you find a caravan that interests you, open the listing and comb over all the details provided by the seller. If anything is unclear or is not listed, ensure that you contact the seller and finalise all details before making a payment.


Going on a holiday requires planning and coordination, which generally takes up a lot of time. But travellers who are taking short breaks can easily find a suitable package on eBay, even if they plan to utilise a caravan instead of a hotel.They are like mobile homes, but they are generally static caravans in holiday parks close to various fun activities and entertainment. Before travellers book their short breaks, they need to learn more about the types of caravans that may be available and what to expect from them. Even after learning the standard features, travellers should also find out about more specific designs, features, and fixtures to ensure that the caravan provides all the basic necessities as well as any other features to enhance comfort throughout the holiday.

Aside from the caravan itself, its location plays an integral part in the short break selection process based on what it has to offer. Aside from the various activities, travellers may want to know how close it is to running water and restaurants. Additionally, the city that it is located in may be a factor based on weather or travel distance. Whatever requirements are needed, travellers can locate an appropriate seller on the eBay website to quickly and easily book their short break.

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