Short Buying Guide: Washing Machine (Beko models)

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The spin drying velocity is one of the most important features, which it is necessary to take into consideration at the time of the shopping of a washing machine. Revolutions per minute (rpm) indicates how many times the drum turns round every minute. This rotatory velocity intensifies at the time of spin drying and attains the indicated velocity. The laundry gets out drily from the machine at the time of the achievement of velocity. The clothes will be drier if the RPM is higher.

The humid or dry drying environment, the lower or higher average temperature influence directly the drying time of the washed clothes. Because of this at the time of the selection of the washing machine's suitable spin drying velocity You have to take into consideration the indicated environmental condition also.

If You look for a washing machine, that is alternative, like can be operated with solar energy, than choose from washing machines supplied with the double water inlet. These machines mean distinguished choice for customers who use alternative (solar-) energy beside the central heating or a combined boiler. The washing machines supplied with the double water access are able to take warm water directly from the cable, instead that the water would be warmed up (with this avoidable the extra power consumption).

If the hygiene is important for You, use products supplied with the Hygiene/Baby function.

If You spend only little time at home, than choose a model supplied with the timer program and the washing can be started in a particular time.

If You wish to observe all of the steps of the washing program simply, than choose from the LCD screen models, those display the program time and the program steps.

If You want to wash big quantity simply, than choose the Bed linen program supplied models, which are suitable doing the washing of bulky laundries, like blankets and bed linen.

In order to adjust Your machine to the rest of the domestic machines, You may choose from the white, grey or reddish brown shades.

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